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1.    2-1/2 hours of interactive instruction, including a FREE 30 page DISC Assessment

2.    Personality and behavioral style: Defining the traits of
         a.    Dominance
         b.    Influence
         c.    Steadiness
         d.    Conscientiousness

3.    Employees learn how to communicate effectively and non-defensively with co-workers and supervisors when challenges arise.

4.    Understanding why self-awareness contributes to greater inclusion and equitable cooperation among employees.

DISC Workshop Original Individual Training & Assessment

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  • DISC stands for "Dominance", "Influence", "Steadiness", and "Conscientiousness".  DISC assessments give employees greater self-awareness by bringing to light their unique personality types and behavioral style.  Research shows that employees who are self-aware positively contribute to workplace culture:  They have the best tools to nurture their talents, manage their unique challenges, and work as a better team knowing what personality types they are interacting with.

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