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Our Solutions


We are Learning and Development Consultants with a passion to "Develop Success Through Performance Excellence".   Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment.

Instructor Led Training


If you need a dynamic trainer to facilitate courses developed internally, designed by our firm or acquired through an outside provider, Saddler Consulting Group can facilitate effective knowledge transfer. Our training and facilitation consultants are skilled at adapting their presentation style based on the audience and the nature of the training. 




Training & Development
Instructional Design
Leadership Executive Coaching 

If you have the need to design a critical organizational development initiative, but lack the necessary knowledge or skill to implement it, then Saddler Consulting Group can help you accomplish your goal.  We offer expertise in change management,  assessment and analysis, executive leadership development, succession planning, and talent/performance management.

Are your managers leading your 

organization to ensure sustainable growth?  Do your managers inspire their employees to have creative excitement when they come to work or are their employees just doing the bare minimum?  Saddler Consulting Group has the expertise and industry background to conduct assessments and deliver training solutions, whether for one-on-one executive coaching or customized workshops focused on specific leadership competencies.

Human Resources
Organization Development
Off Site Facilitation

Sample Challenge:  Client requested all managers are equipped with effective managerial skills.


Opportunity:  Saddler Consulting Group met their need by designing a FrontLine Leadership Program which included communication, team development, coaching, motivation, delegating, documenting discipline, shared leadership, role clarification and performance management.


Result: Managers are more confident in their ability to lead their teams effectively, morale has increased and the organization has noticed that their managers are experiencing less employee relations issues.


Saddler Consulting Group can also customize previously developed curriculum to meet specific audience needs.



Sample Challenge: Client had an open Vice President of HR (Human Resources) position and also had a FLSA (Fair Labor Standard Act) issue that could cause the organization to be non compliant legally with the FLSA laws.


Opportunity: Saddler Consulting Group met their need by sitting in as the interim VP of HR and spearheading the FLSA audit.  In addition, Saddler Consulting Group trained management on the legal responsibility of FLSA laws and their role in helping the organization stay in compliance.


Result: The organization was prepared to handle current and future FLSA concerns and managers were more confident in their ability to ensure their departments were in FLSA compliance.  The HR Department had consistent leadership in the absence of a full time VP of HR.

Sample Challenge: Client had numerous personnel changes that caused confusion, mistrust and morale issues among team members within the department.


Opportunity:  Saddler Consulting Group met their need by planning, designing and delivering a 2 day off site retreat; first day was designed for the department leadership team and day two the entire department joined in with leadership.


Result:  The department as a whole experienced task/role clarification, increased morale, relationship building and effective communication techniques that had immediate application.

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