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Saddler Consulting Group consistently receives outstanding evaluations and feedback from their clients.  To maintain their reputation Saddler Consulting Group only hires the best!
Managment/Leadership Training 
  • "Our class speaker, Desiree was amazing! She was informative, knowledgeable, paced the class well, answered any and all questions, very friendly! She was great, and I hope any other classes will be taught by her as well. The class was great! I left feeling encouraged and educated. The class was very interactive and I really liked the role playing. It helped put your knowledge to test, before applying it to your every day work life.  I can't wait to take more classes! Highly recommended to anyone who is a new manager or has been out of management for a few years, such as myself."  -Anaheim, CA


  • " This is one of the best courses I have taken. The instructor was great, extremely knowledgeable and related the course directly to the participants. I think all employees should take this course and it should be required for all managers."  -Santa Barbara, CA

Off Site Team Building Sessions

Desiree Saddler working with a client during a team-building off site.  One of the team-building activities - "Build a Bike" facilitated working under pressure in a fun and exciting way.

Various Training Workshops/Seminars
  • “Great personality and enthusiasm. (Desiree) knew her topics well and we could all relate. Glad I attended. Looking forward to another module.”   -Seattle, WA


  • “Very satisfied!”“Best course I have been a part of. Thank you.

        -New York, NY


  • "Desiree is effective at passing on tips that will help us with public speaking and at creating a safe space where we feel more comfortable practicing in front of the class." -Los Angeles, CA

  •  "Desiree was great! She presented the information in a very structured manner.  She showed us how to effectively manage our time and plan effectively.  She is very motivational herself which is refreshing."      -San Francisco, CA

Human Resources Consulting

Saddler Consulting Group has worked with clients leading the Human Resources Department through reorganization, management and leadership training, company headquarters relocation and FLSA audit. 


"This class was amazing.  I learned a lot of information that I could apply immediately in my job."  -Phoenix, AZ

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